Hampers Australia

Gift hampers are remarkable to send to individuals you know very well. This is because specific hampers can be selected and additional items you know the recipient will treasure can be included to customise the hamper. Additionally, gift hampers are great for those times when you need to send a gift but you are clueless about what to send. These unique gifts require thought and they are designed for sharing. Below are a few of the different types of gift hampers that can be given for a variety of special occasions:

Aromatherapy Gift Hamper

These hampers are a remarkable choice for women who love to be pampered and in need of relaxation; they are designed to spoil the recipient. As such, they make great gifts for special occasions like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. These gift hampers could include sustainably-sourced and environmentally-friendly diffuser, premium candles and even delicious treats.

Spirit Hamper

These hampers are great for a variety of special occasions including birthdays, promotion and Christmas. They typically include top-shelf spirits including renowned bottles of gin, cognac, whiskey, wine and champagne. The ideal spirit gift hamper could feature a mixture of spirits and sweet treats.

Chocolate Hamper

These hampers are among the most popular and they are even more so around Christmas time. However, they are also ideal for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays and other special occasions. The package typically includes a variety of unique and delicious chocolate goodies that are sure to fulfill the needs of any chocolate lover.

Luxury Gift Hamper

These are ideal to celebrate momentous milestones that require an extravagant gift. Luxury gift hampers can be specifically designed to include items like world-renowned champagnes and wines, indulgent sweets and chocolates and the best gourmet food products. These gifts are usually packaged in something other than a typical hamper that usually make for a remarkable keepsake.

Baby Gift Hamper

These hampers provide a remarkable way to welcome a newborn. It could include a combination of gifts as it is a great method of including presents for both mother and child. The ‘hamper’ could actually be a pail or a baby bathtub, which would make the gift even more practical. Items included in the hamper could be a thermometer for the baby, musical toys, baby hats, socks and baby bottles. It could also include skincare products or sweet treats for the mother.

Customised Gift Hamper

Customised hampers are a great way to ensure that your loved one or colleague will receive a gift he or she will absolutely love. Many creators of gift hampers allow customers to customise their products packaging and budget. The products would include a wide range of alcohol, food and other items from which you can choose to create a particular basket for someone special. The package options could include picnic chests, gift boxes and a wooden wine box. Hampers can be tailored to virtually any budget, whether large or small. Since they are customised, these hampers are suitable for just about any occasion.